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James Nord’s New York City Hotspots

Soigneur Tekst Soigneur Gepubliceerd 19 September 2019

James Nord is an inveterate New Yorker. The founder of Fohr.co and lapsed fashion photographer recently wrote about bike racing in NYC  for Soigneur. Here are a few of his favourite spots around the city:

Central Park Loop

Photo: James Nord

I have ridden bikes in dozens of cities while traveling for work, and the 10-km loop that circumnavigates Central Park is the single greatest urban bike ride in the world. Every morning, hundreds of cyclists—from Cat. 1s to bankers on CitiBikes—ride around the car-free loop. While I’ve ridden it thousands of times, it somehow doesn’t get old.

New York, NY| Website |Instagram


Photo: James Nord

This little French restaurant on the border of the Lower East Side and East Village is just perfect. It’s not one of those French restaurants that make you feel like you’re in Paris. Instead, it reminds you of what is so great about being in New York City. It’s too loud, the tables are too close together, and it’s expensive, but it feels special and rare. I keep going back, because it feels like something so great can’t last. I hope it does.

14 1st Avenue New York, NY | Website

Rose Bar

Photo: James Nord

The bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel is so much more than a hotel bar. Draped in red velvet and millions of dollars worth of art, it’s a great place to drink any night. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, Brian Newman plays energetic jazz, and if you’re lucky, his friend Lady Gaga will swing by and join him for a song or two.

2 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY | Website |Instagram


Photo: Drake’s

When I’m not in spandex, I’m in a suit, and I keep going back to Drake’s to buy mine. A classic, English menswear shop known for its ties, Drake’s was purchased a few years ago by young entrepreneur Mark Choo, who has kept it classic while injecting a sense of humour and levity into the brand’s clothes. The gentlemen who run the shop are all excellent and will happily pour you a scotch while you get fitted for your suit.

39 1/2 Crosby St, New York, NY | Website |Instagram

The 9W Market

Photo: 9W Market

This is maybe one of the most overpriced cafés in the tri-state area, but it’s exactly 25 miles from my door, which makes for a tidy three-hour ride on those days when I want to get out but don’t want to spend all day riding.

243 Rt. 9W, Palisades, NY| Website |Instagram