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Berlin: Five Cycling Hotspots

Roebijn Schijf Tekst Roebijn Schijf Gepubliceerd 30 July 2016

Berlin is the second city in our series of Bicycle Hotspots, after Rotterdam. Its wide roads and flat terrain make Berlin on of the most attractive cycle cities in the world.
In spring, Berlin hosts the Berlin Bicycle Week, celebrating their love for everything cycling. We selected five cycle hotspots to check out when in Berlin.


by Madlen Krippendorf
by Madlen Krippendorf

Cicli Berlinetta is a bike shop in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin, specialising in traditional steel-racing bicycles. Founder Dustin Nordhus is an avid bike collector, and in particular favours Italian bikes. In renovating his vintage frames he remains true to the style of the golden era of racing bicycles. Check out the web store for some vintage bike porn.

Schönfließer Str. 19 | Website | Instagram



For something a little different, head to the showroom of 8bar. Here you’ll only find a few bikes on display. The bikes they sell are made from scratch in collaboration with the future owner. 8bar bikes are sleek and minimal so that all the attention goes to the design itself. The same philosophy goes for their interior. Too soon for a custom-build bike? They’ll let you hire and 8bar design (single speed, fixed, or road) for the weekend, for just 50 euro.

Wrangelstraße 18Website | Instagram


by Constantin Gerlach
by Constantin Gerlach

Standert is where the urban commuter crowd gathers. You’ll find all you need to look the part when getting around in Berlin by bike. At Standert they are passionate about vintage cool, but the bikes they sell also need to be smart, fast and practical. You can get one custom made, or splash out on a carbon Ritte frame made in California. The focal point of their joint is the café, don’t miss out on Standerts famous 1-buck-filtercoffee.

Invalidenstraße 157 | Website | Instagram


svb-cafe-HR-1 (1)

The Berliners sure love their classics. The showroom at Steel Vintage Bikes houses over 120 classic and vintage bicycles. Glorious frames made in the 1930s to the 1990s by the craftsman of Colnago, De Rosa, Eddy Merckx, Bianchi and others. Steel Vintage strives to offer only genuine bicycles equipped with original components. Ships worldwide.

Weidenweg 63 | Website | Instagram



The Gentle Jaunt is Berlin’s newest cycling hotspot and opened their doors on the 2nd of July. They found a innovative niche between the vintage seekers and design bike lovers by focussing on cyclists with a thing for outdoor adventure. Any kind of trip will do, whether you’re into gravel-, travel- or CX-adventures or even daily commuting. As long as you’re laid back and fun loving, the Gentle Jaunt is your kind of bike place.

Simon-Dach-Straße 20 | Website | Instagram