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Among the giants

Soigneur Tekst Soigneur Gepubliceerd 17 February 2018

Slovenia would be the destination for the second edition of Among the Giants. We’d seen some beautiful images of the country in an episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix and knew we had to go.

Most of the participants didn’t know much about Slovenia, although we’d explored the internet for routes and read innumerable blogs. We just had a hunch that this trip was going to be incredible.

And it was.

All of us fell in love with this little corner of Europe, home of the Julian Alps, which are unknown to most, but feature countless corners to discover, great lakes, turquoise rivers, infinite valleys, and bleak roads that wind up and down huge mountains. It’s a wonderful place for anyone who loves riding bikes.

We toured around Bled Lake, passing by Pokjuka, Bohinjsko Lake and coming back by Goreljek, which is nicknamed the Slovenian Mortirolo. We crossed the famous Vrsic Pass, a magical place thanks to its beautiful setting and cobbled curves, which rise up from Kranjska Gora. We faced the fearsome Mangart, with its 25 km of continuous climbing. After squirming past enormous rock walls, you reach the 2,055-m top and are rewarded with absolute silence and views that would leave anybody speechless.

Our experience in Slovenia will be difficult to forget. We experienced its nature, tasted its food, swam in its lakes, and made new friendships. We encountered the Giants, suffered and had fun in equal measure. Every kilometre of the way, we were surrounded by marvellous people.

Toni de la Torre (co-organiser of Among the Giants)


Photography by Brazo de Hierro

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