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Where is Wout?

Soigneur Tekst Soigneur Gepubliceerd 22 July 2016

In this series photographer – and former professional cyclist – Léon van Bon finds Wout Poels from Team Sky in the ongoing hectic of Le Grande Boucle. Updated daily.

21. Yellow in Paris: check!


20. Dominance


19. Thanks Wout
19. Thanks Wout


18. Time Trial
18. Time Trial


17. Work hard again
17. Work hard again




16. Team Sky in formation
16. Team Sky in formation


20160717_WhereisWout_LeonvanBonPhotography_1J1B3202 (1)
15. Fresh Laundry


20160716_WhereisWout_LeonvanBonPhotography_IMG_0879 (1)
14. Wout is in Le Tour


13. Warming up with Sensation 2002 Mix


12. Chaos on Ventoux


11. Warming up with Froome


10. Setting the pace on Port d’Envilara


160709_Leon van Bon_WhereIsWout_1J1B8874
09. Number 6


160709_Leon van Bon_WhereIsWout_1J1B8863
08. Getting ready for a real tough day


07. Coolness
07. Coolness


06. Which is Wout?
06. Which is Wout?


Concentration at the start
05. Concentration at the start


04. A job well done
04. A job well done


160704_Leon van Bon_WhereisWout_1J1B3748
03. And… snap!


160703_Leon van Bon_WhereIsWout_IMG_7577
02. The legs of Wout


160702_Leon van Bon_WhereIsWout_1J1B1833
01. Beautiful skies in Normandy, but Where is Wout?


160630_Leon van Bon_WhereIsWout_1J1B0710
00. Team presentation

160705_Leon van Bon_WhereisWout_1J1B4107

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