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Keeping up with Kung

Soigneur Tekst Soigneur Gepubliceerd 19 July 2018

In this photo series photographer Chris Auld, embedded with team BMC, catches up with Stefan Kung to find out about his day in the Tour. With captions by Stefan (King Kung), the youngest of the BMC squad, himself. Updated daily!

Stage 20. In the zone. Full focus.
Stage 18. Motto of the day: stay out of the wind and save your energy
Stage 17. A good talk in the grupetto is when you hit the finish before the end of the conversation.
Stage 16. All smiles
Rest day. Paris is just around the corner.
Stage 15. No matter if you’re in front of the race or out the back, everybody is a hero
Stage 14. Unfortunately no time for a swim in the Gorges de l’Ardèche today, but added to my travel list ??
Stage 13. Maybe my signature makes his bike faster, who knows ?
Stage 12. World’s biggest cycling stadium – epic
Stage 11. Sometimes I’d wish I was a hot air balloon- So I could drop my weight before going up.
Stage 10. Try to kill them with a smile, it worked the mountains were kind with me today. ?
Rest day 1. On rest days it’s more about the hands than the legs.
Stage 9. Hell of the north! Takes a lot from you. Only the mud you get on the face is supposed to be good for the skin ?
Stage 8. A bunch of tourists on a bike holiday in France, at least today ?
Stage 7. The way to recognise me on TV, look for the red shoes ✌?
Stage 6. If I could, I would dig a tunnel through this Mur-de-Bretagne
Stage 5. Imagining my dinner already by looking at the burned calories ?
Stage 4. All banana smiles at the BMC Racing Team
Stage 3. Sometimes you need a real Man Hug – when you win a TTT
Stage 2. New Shades, New Luck. It worked ??
Stage 1. Richie’s view for the first week


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