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About Soigneur

Soigneur Tekst Soigneur Gepubliceerd 01 March 2011

Soigneur was born in the Netherlands in 2012, when we set out to create an independent platform celebrating cycling culture. Since 2012 we have paid homage to the breadth of the sport, all over the world, both in writing and with photographs. Soigneur brings together some of the finest stories, reportages, and photo-essays from around the world, online and in print reaching over 1 million people monthly. You’ll find tales of the past and of the present, of pros and of amateurs, of local heroes and of faraway places. Tales of suffering and of bliss.

• Soigneur
| From the French verb soigner, ‘ to take care of’. A soigneur is a rider’s best friend at the races. He looks after his rider when he is suffering, and massages him at night, so he is ready to fight another day. More than anything, a good soigneur is someone a rider can talk to. He’s a crucial figure in the sport, ensuring that his riders stay motivated |

For the love of cycling.


Martijn Boot – Editor in chief
Martijn van Egmond – Creative director
Jeroen Boot – Production director & brand partnerships
Mirko Meerwaldt – Designer
Roebijn Schijf – Digital content / distribution
Keir Plaice – Editor / translator
Frank Kwanten – Brand partnerships
Vincent Luyendijk – Publisher

Ilona Rullens – Creative producer / distribution


Richard Abraham / @richard.a.abraham
Chris Auld / @cauldphoto
Michael Barry / @michaelibarry
Michael Blann / @michaelblann
Kevin Brown / @manualforspeed
Max Burgess / @mxburg
Jack Chevell / @jackchevell
Mike Chick
Maarten de Groot / @maartendegrootphoto
Brazo de Hierro / @brazodehierro
Wilfried de Jong / @wilfrieddejong
Nynke de Jong / @nynkedejong
Leon de Kort
Marijn de Vries / @marijndevries
Kare Dehlie Thorstad / @zuperdehlie
Paul Errington / @paule78
Daniel Friebe / @friebos
Phil Gale / @1_in_the_gutter
Freek Geurts / @regalphis
Iri Greco / @brakethrough_ig
Chris Hargreaves / @openautograph
Bas Haring
Jojo Harper / @jojoharperphoto
Frank Heinen
Sebastian Hofer / @click.inspired
Femke Hoogland / @femke_hoogland
Wiep Idzenga
Meyrick Jones / @meyrickj
Marshall Kappel / @marshallkappel
Joris Knapen / @jorisknapen_studioknapen
Madlen Krippendorf / @madlen_krippendorf
Gaby Leveridge / gofastergaby
Nils Laengner / @nils_laengner
Max Leonard / @m_xl
Karen M. Edwards / @karenm.edwards
Paul Maunder / @PMaunderpaul
Eloise Mavian / @eloisemavian
Brian Megens / @brianmegens
Laura Meseguer / @laura_meseguer
Antton Miettinen / @anttonmiettinen
Daniel Monaghan / @cadence_images
Werner Muller-Schell / @wernermuellerschell
Morten Okbo / @mortenokbo
Peter Ouwerkerk
Daniel Pasley / @manualforspeed
Bram Paulussen / @brampaulussen
Werner Pfister
Adam Phelan / @adamphelan
Mike Phillips
Tino Pohlmann / @tino_pohlmann_photography
Francesco Rachello / @strict
Erik Raschke
Matt Rendell / @mrendell
Stefan Rohner /  @eivissastef
Lennart Ruinen / @mocash
Paul Santen / @the_windjammers
Martijn Sargentini / @martijn_sarg
Thomas Sijtsma / @thomassijtsma
Iris Slappendel / @irisslappendel
Richard Sleboe
Tom Southam / @tomsoutham
Harm Spoelstra / @harmspoelstra
Bas Steman / @Bassteman
Adam Stones / @adamstones
Herbie Sykes / @herbiesykes
Aaron Upson / @AaronUpson
Leon van Bon / @leon_van_bon
Ian S. Walton / @themusette_cc
Edwin Winkels
Peter Winnen
Jon Woodroof / @jonwoodroof
Wei Yuet Wong / @wyuet
Thijs Zonneveld / @thijszonneveld


To pitch a story, send us a message at: info@soigneur.nl

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Soigneur Cycling Journal is a biannual print edition. Throughout the year, we publish stories and photo galleries from all around the globe, on Soigneur’s active online platform consisting of this website, our Exposure siteFacebook and Instagram.

Soigneur designs cycling apparel and accessories which are available through our webshop. Here you’ll also find our previous editions and specials. Soigneur ships worldwide.

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For companies and brands that want to connect with global cycling, Soigneur Agency develops content strategies, brand identities, publications and digital platforms.

Soigneur Cycling Journal is a publication by independent publishing house Soigneur BV, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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