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Reinventing aero road bikes

Soigneur Tekst Soigneur Gepubliceerd 26 September 2018

When you feel the stiffness of the 3T STRADA frame combine with the comfort of its wider tires, it’s a totally unique experience. In addition, you sense the speed that comes from a no-compromise focus on aerodynamics: airfoil shapes designed specifically around these wider tires, a 1x drivetrain and the tight clearances reminiscent of the fastest time trial bikes. If you like to lead from the front, the 3T STRADA is your ticket to get there first.

WIDE TIRE OPTIMIZATION – Wider tires are better at absorbing shocks and have lower rolling resistance, because their shorter contact patch requires less bending by the casing. In addition, wider tires offer an advantage on long and multi-day rides, reducing high-frequency road buzz. REALFAST ARCFOIL TUBING – 3T Arcfoil tubes are built as a series of curved cross sections that mimic the arc of the actual airflow at several points along the tubes and substantially lower drag. The Sqaero airfoilsections of the seatube arc to perfectly cover the rear tire and reduce the turbulence. Seatpost, headtube, seatpost clamp and dropouts are optimized aerodynamically based on real world analysis. PARADIGM SHIFT 1 X AERO – The worst area of the bike aerodynamically is around the bottom bracket, with the frame, crank, chainrings, front derailleur, water bottles and rider’s legs leaving little room for the air to pass through. A single ring drivetrain eliminates the front derailleur and the extra chainring, thus reducing frontal area, creating space for unobstructed airflow and freeing up the design of the seattube to shield the rear wheel even better. FUNDI AERO FORK – The Fundi Aero Fork combines a minimalist crown, Sqaero fork airfoil, integrated disc adaptor and kinked leg for improved aerodynamics, stiffness, low weight and minimal frontal area. The minimalist crown moves the front wheel closer to the downtube, creating a perfect transition for the airflow. While different profiles on the left and right leg counteract braking forces.


MIND THE GAP A smooth transition of the airflow from front wheel to downtube, and from seattube to rear wheel, is crucial to lowering drag. The STRADA minimizes these gaps while respecting the UCI rules.

AEROFLEX Bike frames are inherently stiff vertically, and the right tires offer much more comfort than a frame ever can. 3T eke out a few last percent with their extremely thin (=aero & comfortable) seatstays.

DISC BRAKE ONLY 3T don’t want to compromise weight, stiffness and aerodynamics by combining disc & rim brake versions in one frame platform, so everything on the STRADA is fully optimized for flatmount disc brakes only.

HIDE-RATION The STRADA downtube is shaped to hide the water bottles from the airflow. The fastest set-up is one bottle low on the downtube, the ‘team-leader’ configuration. Second-fastest set-up is with two bottles.


The STRADA Pro is a high-end performance bike at a more affordable price. The same aerodynamics for the frame and fork, same stiffness and strength but with a slightly simpler and thus heavier layup (+130g).


Updated Exploro with go-anywhere capabilities. It’s an aero road bike when mated with road wheels & tires, yet turns into a gravel & singletrack-devouring beast with wider tires or 650b wheels.



Like the STRADA, the Exploro Flatmount comes in two versions: the ultra high-end Exploro Flatmount LTD and the more affordable TEAM-version. Same allroad characteristics, but with a slightly simpler thus heavier layup (+190g).


Founded in Turin in 1961 as Tecno Tubo Torino (Turin Tube Technology), 3T has always renowned for the quality, simplicity, and beauty of its products. 3T has a track record of being ‘first’: first tot introduce many modern alloys to cycling, first to produce a dedicated aerobar, first to win the ID design award, first to introduce dedicated gravel wheels, first to introduce an aero gravel frame and first to introduce an aero road bike optimized for wider tires and a 1x drivetrain. Passionate about staying first, 3T continues to invest human and financial capital in exploring new ways of making products that excel in quality, simplicity, beauty and sustainability, under the stewardship of co-owners René Wiertz and Gerard Vroomen.


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